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Swissport International Ltd.
Global Operations - Cargo
CH-8058 Zurich-Airport

Cargo Station Profiles and
KPI Reporting (Hours + Tons)

Tobias Good
Phone:+41 43 815 0126

Global Operations and
Cargo Procedures

Alan Fischer
Phone:+41 43 815 0091
Claude Schoepfer
Phone:+41 43 815 0121
Tobias Good
Phone:+41 43 815 0126

RTC Support
(Customer allocation)

Heather Martinez
Phone:+31 20 3163723
Manfred Lindner
Phone:+31 20 3163723
David Tak
Phone:+31 20 3163723
Paul Marsman
Phone:+31 20 3163723
Peter Gels
Phone:+31 20 3163723

Cargo Market Intelligence

Marie Lagasse
Phone:+41 43 815 00 83




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